public policy research, skill formation, workplace change, consulting, information, communications technology (ICT), youth employment, developing countries
strategic uses of knowledge

Principal consultants

Curtain Consulting, Melbourne

Key Capacities
Principal consultants
Dr Richard Curtain
Janette Donovan
Citizen engagement
Public policy & APPRN
Young people & work
- Australia
Young people & work
- Developing countries
ICT for development
Skill formation
in Australia
Workplace change
in Australia
Dili Institute of Technology
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Principal Consultants:

  • Dr Richard Curtain
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  • Extensive experience in research-based public policy analysis, consulting on the learning strategies of enterprises, and more effective ways to organise work, skill formation, and the use of information and communication technologies in learning, employment creation and development projects - nationally and internationally.

  • Janette Donovan
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  • Jan has extensive experience in health policy analysis with specific attention to the area of the quality use of medicines, particularly for older consumers.


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